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Real Estate Litigation

Real Estate Litigation

In Canada, real estate is a booming business. Real estate purchase and sale is a business directly linked to a combust or recovering economy. If the Canadian economy is booming as does the sale, purchase and development of real estate. This includes residential, commercial and cottage real estate.

When the economy is struggling, real estate litigation increases. There is direct relation between the real estate residential and commercial litigation with the economy. A lawyer for property disputes specialize and understand the complexity of such litigation.

Residential real estate deals with sale and purchase of residential properties which are usually homes, farmlands, cottages etc but commercial real estate is more in line with business, warehouses, stores, shopping centers/ malls, office, etc.

Certain examples of residential real estate disputes are as follow:
  • Disputes related to boundaries and demarcation of a property.
  • Dispute related to shares of the parties on title.
  • Dispute related to collateral agreement between the parties.
  • Disputes related to bank, mortgagees and interest rates overcharging.
  • Dispute related to mortgage defaults.
  • Disputes related to excessive charge for private mortgage on Real Estate property.
  • Dispute related to ownership of the property.
  • Dispute related to access to the property.
  • Dispute related to tenants at the property.
  • Dispute related to nuisance by the neighbours.
  • Disputes related to breach of contract.
  • Dispute with respect to gradation and easement on the property etc.

On the commercial side, the following are some examples of disputes which are in addition to the above said;
  • Dispute related to a commercial tenant pursuant to Commercial Tenancies Act Ontario.
  • Dispute related to contracts and leases.
  • Dispute related to agreement of purchase and sale.
  • Disputes related to breach of contract.
  • Disputes related to mortgages, commercial insurance and power of sales, etc.

Once a dispute arises with regards to real estate whether commercial or residential, it shall be decided by the court but you will require the services of a competent litigation lawyer who understands residential and commercial real estate litigation.

Commercial and residential property litigation is a very specific field which requires vast knowledge of process and remedies. It includes a lawyer who can serve with respect to real estate tax matters, real estate appeal matters and real estate property disputes.

AD Lawyers is the law firm, which exhibits that expertise with respect to commercial and residential real estate dispute litigation. We believe the trial is the only way to resolve the issue expeditiously and without spending money on negotiation or correspondence. The trial decides the matter on merits whereas any negotiations may not do so with satisfaction.

AD lawyers have ability and competence to resolve (either by resolutions between the parties or through a court trial on merits) such disputes as residential real estate litigation lawyers and commercial real estate litigation lawyers. AD Lawyers are also real estate appeal lawyers (both residential and commercial real estate).
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