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Banking & Piracy Litigation

AD Lawyers also deals with the disputes with the banking system. Such disputes can be categorized as follow:
  • Cheque dishonor, which means that the bank refuses to recognize and negotiate a cheque despite of the money in the account.
  • Cheque returned for non-sufficient funds.
  • Bank refuses to negotiate the cheque.
  • Bank negotiated the cheque but put a hold on releasing money. It happens in cheque or invoice factoring business or in simple words cheque cashing business.
  • Transaction disputes with the banks.
  • Brokerage disputes with the bank.
  • Negligence issues with respect to the individual accounts.
  • Negligence with respect to business accounts, etc.

The banking system in Canada is backbone of the property acquisitions. The banks shall provide loan/mortgage for the purchase of a real property and such mortgages shall be paid in monthly installments till it is paid in full. If the mortgagor defaults in the mortgage payments, the bank has the option to proceed with power of sale proceedings, which relieves the ownership of the mortgagor through a court order.

The mortgagor can defend such power of sale proceedings. Being mortgage and power of sale dispute litigation and appeal lawyers, AD Lawyers have the knowledge and expertise to handle these matters.

A bank can refuse to honour a cheque, which a negotiable instrument as termed in law and such refusal may result in damages to a client. Such client requires the services of a lawyer who understands the intricacies of the banking system and can litigate the refusal to honour the cheque. A cheque dishonor dispute matter shall be dealt with in the court. AD lawyers have the competence and ability to handle such cheque dishonour disputes and cheque dishonor dispute appeals if required.


Piracy is a very vast field which touches the issue related to copyright violations, film piracy, patent violations, etc. Film piracy is more common in Canada and it is a billion dollar industry. AD Lawyer represents the clients whose product has been pirated along with the clients who are charged with pirating the products. It is complex web requiring a competent and qualified professional advice, which is provided by AD Lawyers.

Mostly these disputes are dealt with in courts unless the parties intend to resolve by way of negotiations.
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