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Mortgage law in Canada is complicated. Almost every real estate transaction has a mortgage component. Majority of real estate transactions require a mortgage loan to complete it.
Where it is a benefit for the common man, it could also become a problem when things go haywire. Few examples can be as follow:

  • When a mortgagor is unable to pay the loan/mortgage back.
  • When there are fraud allegations to obtain a mortgage/loan.
  • When the interest rate on the mortgage changes frequently and the mortgagor exhibits no knowledge of terms and conditions for such change in interest rate.

Mortgages Act, creditor’s legislation and Interest Act, etc. deals with this kind of scenario. When the mortgage is in default, the lender will usually commence a foreclosure or most importantly a power of sale proceedings pursuant to the terms and conditions of the mortgage which is included in standard charge terms.

The borrower/chargor/mortgagor can sometimes challenge the amount of the mortgage payback. These matters require assistance of a competent mortgage litigation lawyer. We at AD Lawyers provide such services as mortgage fraud lawyers and mortgage dispute litigation lawyers. We also act for the lenders in a power of sale or foreclosure of a real property. We also act for the borrowers, when they are facing foreclosure or power of sale of their properties.

A mortgage fraud with the bank by a third party results in Mortgage fraud litigation. Usually, the title insurance taken by the client shall step in to deal with the matter except in few instances. AD Lawyers handle all of those scenarios with respect to mortgage fraud. A mortgage fraud litigation lawyer will analyze every aspect of such fraud to find appropriate remedies available in law to a client.
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