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Construction Lien

Construction Lien

Any construction or renovation on the real property brings issues such as a contractor’s lien, which is for non-payment of invoice by the individual owner of the property. The law regarding construction lien is very complex. The Construction Lien Act governs the issues with respect to liens by the contractor. It details the rights and the procedure to be followed by the parties.

AD Lawyer deals with a wide range of clients with respect to construction liens. We have represented both the contractors and the owners. Any given situation brings complex issues forward which can only be dealt with by way of a qualified professional legal advice.

Liens by sub-contractors, notice requirement, liens by the contractors, definition of the owner, whether a lien is registered correctly and amount of the lien are some of the issues with regards to construction lien litigation. AD Lawyers provide representation in such cases as construction lien Lawyers.

Construction Lien Act Ontario is a very complex legislation which sometimes has priority over all the other branches of law. There is no right to conduct discovery examination pursuant to the law but with the explicit permission of the Court. The matter under Construction Lien Act shall proceed to trial with two years of the commencement of cause of action. The procedure to register a construction lien against a real property is complex and requires skills, which AD Lawyers offers.

There are time restrains in construction lien litigations. AD Lawyers not only represent contractors but also the owner of the real property who are facing construction lien litigation. Any lien by the contractors is defended with full vigour and zeal by AD Lawyers, while representing the homeowners.
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