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Partnership Disputes

Joint Venture & Partnership Disputes

Business partnerships and joint ventures are very common in our present society. People involve themselves into agreements to reap profits and to reduce the expenses for a particular business or venture. Very often, the arrangements made have shortcomings, which result in disagreements and business disputes. Most often, approaching a court is the best way to resolve a business partner’s dispute, which shall require the expertise of a business partner’s dispute lawyer.

These partnership and joint venture disputes are mainly dealt with the help of lawyers. AD Lawyers handles this scenario of partnership disputes on a regular basis. It is a trial law firm, which means any such partnership dispute shall be put before the court of law for a fair decision on merits. That said, a fair decision includes the evidence of the witnesses, any expert evidence, any rule of law applicable to the matter before the court and any other relevant matter for that purpose.

A partnership may be entered into by individuals and may also be entered into by corporate entities. Partnerships are often entered into on an emotional basis with a view to receive future profits on a collective basis. Such profits are distributed or disbursed among the partners according to their agreed share respectively.

When it comes to the disbursement of profits, most often the dispute arises at that point. Joint ventures are when a few people get together to enjoy a business venture and reap profits. The law related to joint ventures and partnerships are governed by common law and The Partnership Act whereas law related to corporate disputes is governed by the Ontario Business Corporation Act and Canada Business Corporation Act for Ontario and Canada respectively along with common law.

Common law is law detailed and made by the Judges on case by case basis and in most cases it takes precedence. To deal with the complex web of partnerships and Joint ventures, services of a qualified professional Joint Venture lawyer, partnership dispute lawyer and a business dispute lawyer is required, which is provided by AD Lawyers.
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