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Child Custody and Access

Child Custody and Access

Marriage is a contract based on understanding and mutual bond of trust between two genders. More often than not, marriages end up in the Canadian court as these contracts are broken.

The marriage most often results in having children. As the foundation (collective responsibility of spouses) of marriage is eroded, it is replaced with rights and duties on individual basis rather than collective.

When there is a breakdown of marriage, the following issues will surface:
  • Child Custody by one spouse.
  • Access to children by another spouse.
  • Monetary support to the children (child support).
  • Monetary support the spouse (spousal support).
  • Net family equalization (property to be divided between the parties).

In order to resolve the above said issues, the parties (husband and wife or spouses) require the competent and professional advice of a lawyer, who deals with child custody and access matters, spousal and child support matters and division of the property matters.

AD Lawyers is a firm where all of the above said services are provided. AD Lawyers are child custody lawyers who also handle the access and support issues. We believe that both parents (whether father or mother) have the equal custody rights to children including equal access rights and support, and such need to be decided on merits in the court.

A difficult task for a Court is to decide the issue of child custody to father versus the child custody to mother. To assist the court to make a determination in a client’s favour, an experience trial lawyer’s assistance is required. AD lawyers offer such experience and knowledge.

We believe the fast, inexpensive and expeditious way to resolve the issues is through a trial instead of wasting the money on unnecessary correspondences and motions in the court. Often times, parties will receive assistance from Office of Children’s lawyer or forensic psychologists to deal with the issues of custody of the children including access rights to the parents. Their involvement makes the matter complicated.

In many of the cases, one party may not agree with the opinion or report from the Office of Children’s lawyer or the forensic psychologists, which requires a penetrating analysis of the recommendation provided by these parties. We (AD Lawyers) extend our help to deals with those issues. These issues can only be dealt with on merits in court of law by way of cross examination of the parties who provided recommendation.

When a party takes position contrary to the other, there are fewer chances that a resolution shall be reached amicably. Child custody litigation is cumbersome and requires competent legal representation so does the child access litigation.

Child Custody to Fathers

As a person walks into a courtroom, they may believe that the court may be bias against them based on gender, race, religion, etc. Fathers in a child custody proceeding sometimes are led to believe that the court favours the mother. It is misconception that the child custody is often awarded to female gender. The courts are looking for the best interest of the child. It may be in the best interest of the child for him or her to stay with the father or the mother. The Canadian justice system provides equal opportunity to both genders to convince the court for the custody issue in his/her favor. In most recent cases, AD Lawyers have represented the fathers and were successful in granting child custody to the father. Such child custody to the father is decided on the facts and evidence of each case by the court. For more information, please contact AD Lawyers to know your rights as a father or mother.

We are child custody, support and access rights lawyers who primarily deal with the trial work on these issues.
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